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Hidden Dangers of Helicopter Parenting

Dr. Michele Borba July 16, 2010 2

Why we must lower our flaps and parent for self-reliance Of course we love our kids. Of course we don’t want our kids to fail. And of course we always want them to be

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Michele Borba Blog: Are you over-parenting or too permissive? Tips I gave Dr. Phil and clip

Dr. Michele Borba January 5, 2010 1

Have we become a nation of parents obsessed with doing everything for our kids to ensure they’ll turn out right? A number of experts are suggesting it’s time for parents to loosen their grip,

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Michele Borba Blog: My Rubber Band Test for Setting Expectations I Shared on Dr Phil

Dr. Michele Borba December 22, 2009 0

Let’s face it: the expectations we set for our children do affect their self-esteem and capacity to succeed. This week I taped another fun segment with Dr. Phil on the “Overparenting” vs. “Underparenting” craze.

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