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15 Famous and Successful People Who Were Bullied In School

Michele Borba November 4, 2011 Comments Off on 15 Famous and Successful People Who Were Bullied In School

Stories to share with kids of the rich and famous who were bullied from the Staff Writers on online colleges. Thank you! For bullied kids, it’s hard to imagine a life without anxiety and

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25 Facts for Bully Prevention Month

Michele Borba November 2, 2011 Comments Off on 25 Facts for Bully Prevention Month

Troubling data about bullying educators, parent and concerned adults must know. The first step to stopping the cruelty is knowledge. Get educated! Facts are from onlinecollege.org Bullying exists as more than just a buzzword these

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When Bullying Intensifies

Michele Borba November 1, 2011 Comments Off on When Bullying Intensifies

How to work with the school to create a safety plan for your child when bullying continues and previous efforts fail You know your child is being bullied. You talked to your child or

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Bully-Proofing Kids

Michele Borba January 23, 2011 Comments Off on Bully-Proofing Kids

Parenting advice to help your child be less likely to be bullied — what you and your child need to know REALITY CHECK: By some estimates, one in seven American schoolchildren is either a bully

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Teaching Problem Solving to Reduce Bullying

Michele Borba September 22, 2010 Comments Off on Teaching Problem Solving to Reduce Bullying

How to teach kids problem solving skills. Why doing so can predict and prevent bullying “Let’s flip a coin to decide.” “Everybody breathe a minute, then we can take turns.” “Why don’t we just

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Michele Borba Blog: AGAIN! What’s it take to recognize bullying hurts? Proof!

Michele Borba April 18, 2010 3

This week CNN-HLN emailed me the following story for my comments. “Mom: Bullying Led To Daughter’s Hospitalization Foxborough Woman Says Girl’s Been Bullied For Months” I read the headlines and had that knee-jerk response that

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Stopping Bullying Step 2: Gathering Data

Michele Borba February 16, 2010 Comments Off on Stopping Bullying Step 2: Gathering Data

Part 2: How to Stop Bullying Using Proven Strategies. Let’s put an end to peer cruelty now!  Here’s how…. Bullying Increasing In Industrialized Nations Bullying among our youth is a significant problem–and it is

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Signs if your child is bullied and what to do

Michele Borba October 18, 2009 1

Michele Borba REALITY CHECK: Research finds that 49 percent of kids say they’ve been bullied at least once or twice during the school term, but only 32 percent of their parents believed them.  One

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10 Solutions to Bully-Proof Kids

Michele Borba June 24, 2009 Comments Off on 10 Solutions to Bully-Proof Kids

Bullying is always intentional, mean-spirited, rarely happens only once and the victim cannot hold his own. It is not teasing. If this is happening to your child, please know that your son or daughter

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