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Raising Caring Kids

Michele Borba June 11, 2010 2

Parenting advice based on research-based tips to help us raise the kind-hearted kid every parent (oh how I hope!) wants Most parents instinctively want their children to develop a strong moral character and to

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NH Teen Bullied -Tattoed With Obscenities- 5 Lessons to Stop A Tragedy

Michele Borba May 24, 2010 1

Bullying. It’s rampant, cruel, and too much of the teen scene. But if you had even an ounce of doubt as to the extent of how vicious kids can be, this story should do

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Empathy Crisis: Why Children Are Crueler

Michele Borba May 2, 2010 4

EMPATHY: Identifying with and feeling other people’s concerns. Eleven-year-old Nathaniel Abraham from Pontiac, Michigan, told his friend that he was going to shoot somebody. He allegedly stole a gun and practiced his aim on

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Michele Borba Blog: AGAIN! What’s it take to recognize bullying hurts? Proof!

Michele Borba April 18, 2010 3

This week CNN-HLN emailed me the following story for my comments. “Mom: Bullying Led To Daughter’s Hospitalization Foxborough Woman Says Girl’s Been Bullied For Months” I read the headlines and had that knee-jerk response that

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Stopping Bullying Step 2: Gathering Data

Michele Borba February 16, 2010 0

Part 2: How to Stop Bullying Using Proven Strategies. Let’s put an end to peer cruelty now!  Here’s how…. Bullying Increasing In Industrialized Nations Bullying among our youth is a significant problem–and it is

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10 Worst Things Parents Do to Ruin Kids’ Social Lives

10 Worst Things Parents Do to Ruin Kids’ Social Lives

Michele Borba January 9, 2010 7

Let’s face it, friends play an enormous part of our children’s self-esteem and success quotient for life. I’m often asked whether parents really can influence their children’s ability to make friends. My answer is

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The Mean Girl Scene

Michele Borba December 8, 2009 4

Read the paper lately or heard any of the troubling stories about our girls? It appears many of the sugar and spice set are no longer nice. Here are just a sample appalling recent

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Michele Borba Blog: Sad Lessons from “Kick A Ginger Day” It’s time to boost youth tolerance and stop hate. Enough!

Michele Borba November 28, 2009 1

Last week a twelve year old red-headed boy was assaulted by a group of middle school classmates in Calabasas, California. As many as 14 students participated in the attack at A.E. Wright Middle School.

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Part IV: Mean Girls–What Motivates Bullying?

Michele Borba November 14, 2009 0

Michele Borba Note to readers: This is the fourth in a series of blogs about relational aggression-or the new mean girl scene-and what educators and parents can do to curb this  trend. In past

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Signs if your child is bullied and what to do

Michele Borba October 18, 2009 1

Michele Borba REALITY CHECK: Research finds that 49 percent of kids say they’ve been bullied at least once or twice during the school term, but only 32 percent of their parents believed them.  One

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