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Building Children’s Character

Michele Borba April 18, 2011 Comments Off on Building Children’s Character

Parenting strategies that help kids act right when we’re not around and nurture moral intelligence Every parent’s first concern is the same: “Is my baby healthy?” This question is one that doctors usually can

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The Greedy Kid Cure

Michele Borba September 1, 2010 Comments Off on The Greedy Kid Cure

Parenting advice to reduce kid greed and reopen generosity “But I’ve got to have a clown and a pony at my birthday. That’s what Tiffany had.” “Sure, I have six pairs but the more

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How to Raise a Good Kid: 10 Strategies that Build Strong Character

Michele Borba July 12, 2010 Comments Off on How to Raise a Good Kid: 10 Strategies that Build Strong Character

Let’s play “Back to the Future” and pretend it’s twenty-five years from now. Your kids are grown and they’re healthy and happy. They’ve now come back for a family reunion. Here’s the key question:

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The Kid Bad Attitude Epidemic: What’s your Parent Bad Attitude IQ? Here’s a quiz to find out

Michele Borba June 22, 2010 1

One of the biggest reasons bad attitudes stay is because of a number of misconceptions about them. So how is your little cherub doing in the attitude department? (Watch out: Bad attitudes are in

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Educating for Character

Michele Borba April 27, 2010 2

Five steps to boost children’s character and moral intelligence The teacher read Alfred’s misbehavior report and shook her head. It was his third playground citation this week and like the others it was about

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7 Deadly Myths About Raising Moral Kids

Michele Borba December 8, 2009 1

REALITY CHECK: Parents who raise moral kids don’t do so by accident. They are purposeful and deliberate in their efforts. They are also aware that they are the single greatest influence over their child’s

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Raising Morally Courageous Kids Who Can Stand Up for Their Beliefs

Michele Borba August 7, 2009 2

Michele Borba REALITY CHECK: A recent Time/Nickelodeon survey of 991 kids ages nine to fourteen revealed some troubling facts: 36 percent of the middle schoolers surveyed feel the pressure from peers to smoke marijuana;

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How to Raise a Moral Child

Michele Borba July 25, 2009 1

I recently worked with PARENTS magazine to conduct an online survey of over 2400 moms. One question: “How do you hope your child turns out?” Next to health and happiness, most parents hoped their

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How to Choose Your Family Values & Become a More Intentional Parent

Michele Borba July 21, 2009 Comments Off on How to Choose Your Family Values & Become a More Intentional Parent

By Michele Borba REALITY CHECK: Parents don’t raise moral kids by accident. They know what they stand for and pass those values onto their children deliberately and purposefully. So here’s your Reality Check: If

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3 Ways to Skirt the Whole Truth but Still Not Lie to Kids

Michele Borba January 16, 2009 1

The debate on how to talk to kids about touchy subjects is a hot one. Here is a comment I just received: Hi Dr Borba: I`m not a parent but I have this 4

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