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Michele Borba: Is Your Kid Into a Couch Potato? How to Curb Kids’ TV Habits

Michele Borba June 9, 2010 3

Can’t why can’t watch TV just two more hours? But there’s nothing to do …. it’s my favorite show! Let’s face it, it’s easy for kids to fall into the TV trap of spending

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Kid Conscience-Stretching

Michele Borba May 25, 2010 1

Every parent’s first concern is the same: “Is my baby healthy?” This question is one that doctors usually can answer. Another big question is far more difficult: “Will my child become a good and

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Behavior Turnarounds – 5 tips I shared with Al Roker on TODAY this am

Michele Borba May 6, 2010 2

One thing has never changed: kids will be kids and that means that do sometimes misbehave. Though there are no quick-fix behavior cures or sure-proof ways to raise well-behaved kids, research shows certain strategies

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Michele Borba: Parenting Solutions for Turning Pessimistic Kids Into Optimistic Thinkers

Michele Borba May 3, 2010 1

“Why should I bother? You know they won’t choose me.” “What’s the point? I’ll never make the team.” “Why are you making me go? You know I won’t have fun.” Let’s face it: Kids

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Empathy Crisis: Why Children Are Crueler

Michele Borba May 2, 2010 4

EMPATHY: Identifying with and feeling other people’s concerns. Eleven-year-old Nathaniel Abraham from Pontiac, Michigan, told his friend that he was going to shoot somebody. He allegedly stole a gun and practiced his aim on

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Educating for Character

Michele Borba April 27, 2010 2

Five steps to boost children’s character and moral intelligence The teacher read Alfred’s misbehavior report and shook her head. It was his third playground citation this week and like the others it was about

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Michele Borba Blog: Boosting Kids’ Success Quotients by Building Positive Self-Beliefs

Michele Borba March 23, 2010 Comments Off on Michele Borba Blog: Boosting Kids’ Success Quotients by Building Positive Self-Beliefs

Regardless of what state or country I’m in, the question I’m asked most frequently by parents at my workshops is, “What’s the most important thing I can do to help my child succeed?” For

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Manipulation: The kid habit you have to break!

Michele Borba March 20, 2010 1

Learn the sneaky tactics kids use to get her way—and what to do about them. “Dad said I could.” “I promise I’ll do it tomorrow.” “My stomach hurts; I can’t go to school.” Do

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Helping Kids Rebound from Mistakes

Michele Borba March 1, 2010 1

Many historians feel that one of Winston Churchill’s greatest speeches was given at a graduation ceremony at Oxford University. He had worked on the speech for hours. When the moment finally came, Churchill stood

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Helping Shyer Kids

Michele Borba February 18, 2010 Comments Off on Helping Shyer Kids

Parenting advice to help your shyer, more sensitive kids feel more comfortable in social settings and join in the fun of life QUESTION: “We have an eleven-year-old son who is extremely shy. Whenever we

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