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Mean Girls and Relational Aggression Solutions

Michele Borba January 11, 2011 Comments Off on Mean Girls and Relational Aggression Solutions

Steps to reduce female cruelty and relational aggression and raise compassionate, respectful girls Forget “sugar and spice and everything nice.” Research too often shows a different picture with all too many of our daughters.

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Raising Kinder Kids in a Crueler World

Michele Borba January 10, 2011 3

Proven tips to nurture compassion children and reduce peer cruelty Last fall I was on the East Coast helping a small school district implement a character education program. My first meeting was with a

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Raising Kind-Hearted Kids

Michele Borba September 8, 2010 Comments Off on Raising Kind-Hearted Kids

Parenting advice based on solid research to help us raise caring, kind-hearted kids in a racy, raunchy world Something has changed about our children: the prevalence of abuse by their peers is increasing. Bullying

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Raising Caring Kids

Michele Borba June 11, 2010 2

Parenting advice based on research-based tips to help us raise the kind-hearted kid every parent (oh how I hope!) wants Most parents instinctively want their children to develop a strong moral character and to

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Empathy Crisis: Why Children Are Crueler

Michele Borba May 2, 2010 4

EMPATHY: Identifying with and feeling other people’s concerns. Eleven-year-old Nathaniel Abraham from Pontiac, Michigan, told his friend that he was going to shoot somebody. He allegedly stole a gun and practiced his aim on

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Nurturing Empathy In Children

Michele Borba January 10, 2010 Comments Off on Nurturing Empathy In Children

Moral IQ Tip: Children are likely to be more empathic if they understand why empathy is important and how it affects others. So point out the positive impact empathy can have on others in

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10 Worst Things Parents Do to Ruin Kids’ Social Lives

10 Worst Things Parents Do to Ruin Kids’ Social Lives

Michele Borba January 9, 2010 7

Let’s face it, friends play an enormous part of our children’s self-esteem and success quotient for life. I’m often asked whether parents really can influence their children’s ability to make friends. My answer is

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Raising Do-Gooders: Getting Kids To Do Service Projects

Michele Borba December 18, 2009 Comments Off on Raising Do-Gooders: Getting Kids To Do Service Projects

The first time I realized the power of involving kids in social justice projects was when one of my sons was just four. The two of us had gone to see the movie The

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