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Parent Mistake 1: Not Teaching A “Replacer” Behavior & the Parenting Solution

Michele Borba June 27, 2009 0

Of course parents want to do the right thing so their kids grow to be happy, confident and successful. But over fifty years of child development research shows we may be making a few

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How to Talk to Kids About the Deaths of Michael Jackson & Farrah

Michele Borba June 26, 2009 0

Many parents say that explaining death to children is one of the toughest topics. So if you haven’t had that talk, are you ready this afternoon? Chances are highly likely that your child will

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10 Solutions to Bully-Proof Kids

Michele Borba June 24, 2009 0

Bullying is always intentional, mean-spirited, rarely happens only once and the victim cannot hold his own. It is not teasing. If this is happening to your child, please know that your son or daughter

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Preparing Your College Bound Teen to Live Solo Is Your Teen Really Ready?

Michele Borba June 15, 2009 0

After all the test-taking, application filling, essay editing, campus touring, and acceptance-waiting, the big event is almost here: dropping your child off at college. But is your teen really ready to handle life away

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How to Know if Your Teen is Depressed

Michele Borba June 11, 2009 0

Did you know that 1 out of 12 teens suffers from depression? I’ll be speaking with Dr. Tim Johnson about how to spot those signs and what to do if you suspect your child

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‘Boyology: A Teen Girls’ Crash Course in All Things Boys

Michele Borba June 3, 2009 0

Today Show Segment this morning on “Boyology”    Let’s face it, most parents are traumatized by the idea of dating and teens. That’s why I love Sarah O’Leary Burningham’s great new book, Boyology.  Though

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Jon & Kate Plus 8, But What About the Kids?

Michele Borba June 2, 2009 0

However your feelings about Jon & Kate Plus 8 my concerns are with their kids. It’s obvious that all is not well the Gosselin marriage. And both partners readily admit that their relationship is at a

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Tips for the Tyson Family: Helping a Child Grieve

Michele Borba May 28, 2009 0

I’m sure your reaction to the death of former heavyweight world champion Mike Tyson’s four-year old daughter was the same as mine: just profound sadness. But for her seven-year-old brother to find his little

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Teachable Moments from ‘American Idol’

Michele Borba May 22, 2009 0

If you weren’t among the millions watching this week’s must-see TV event let me be the one to break it to you: Arkansas student Kris Allen was officially crowned as the eight American idol.

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New Book by Trudy Ludwig Shows Girls That Perfectionism Has Its Price

Michele Borba May 20, 2009 0

That old term “perfectionism” has popped up in the news lately. Here are just a brief review of the troubling headlines every parent should know and why we should be concerned:   In a

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