Nov 12: Cincinnati: 7 Essential Skills Kids Need to Succeed in this Crazy World!

michele borba October 26, 2011 Comments Off on Nov 12: Cincinnati: 7 Essential Skills Kids Need to Succeed in this Crazy World!

I’ll be keynoting at the FOR THE LOVE of KIDS for BEECH ACRES PARENTING SEMINAR on NOVEMBER 12, 2011. This is always one of my favorite groups to speak for – the parents are just wonderful. I hope to see you there!

Here is what I’ll be speaking about at this session:

7 Essential Skills Kids Need to Succeed in this Crazy World!

Do you want to give your child skills that will last a lifetime?

Does your child struggle with self-esteem, friendships, rejection and self-reliance?

This seminar will focus on the proven 7 essential skills your child needs to be more resourceful and resilient in today’s world. I’ll give you the research that shows why the skill or trait is so critical and then I’ll share dozens of simple, practical, proven (I promise) ways you can help your child develop the skill. I’ll also show you how to help your toddler – school age child – or teen learn age-appropriate ways to learn and use the essential 21st century skill.

Here are the core skills that research says matter most in our children’s lives both now and later (and the best news is that all are teachable!)

Skill 1. Face to Face Connection: Speaking up, listening attentively and reducing misunderstanding face to face. The average child is now plugged into a digital device 7 and a half hours a day! You don’t learn empathy or develop strong family connection facing a screen. Here are ways to boost empathy, develop the foundation for assertive body language and strengthen family connection.

Skill 2Coping Strategies: Regulate intense feelings to manage difficult situations and reduce stress. Stress is mounting and our kids must learn ways to cope and reduce stress. This skill is essential…here are ways to teach it.

Skill 3. Self Control: Delay gratification, use self-discipline and stretch ability to wait (without reward). New research shows the ability to delay gratification can be taught and has little to do with temperament. It’s also a skill highly correlated with success in life not only now but later!

Skill 4. Stick-to-it-ness: Praise “effort” and “process” not “smarts” and the “end product.” One of the most highly correlated traits of success is perseverance. Stick-to-itness is more highly correlated to good grades than is your child’s IQ! The right praise and parenting response can stretch this skill.

Skill 5. Goal Setting: Teach how to set realistic expectations, targeting what you want to achieve, taking action to succeed to empower children to set their own life course. This skill will help your child acquire self-direction and resilience.

Skill 6. Problem Solving: Solve problems, make wise decisions independently so kids believe they are masters of their own fate; teach bounce back skills to help children see mistakes as opportunities not failures. This skill will help your child learn resilience, personal empowerment and knowledge of how to handle that sometimes mean social jungle (as well as stand up to peer pressure!)

Skill 7. Nurture Children’s Natural Nature: Cultivate your child’s natural areas of competence to develop healthy, authentic self-esteem and potential talent. This skill is the basis of authentic self-esteem and well as true talent.

Bonus Skill: Hope and Optimism: Point out the good news about life; give kids a positive, hopeful attitude about life and their future. This skill is essential: too many of our kids are developing a fatalistic view about life. Optimism is not only teachable but now identified as one a skill that can help our children develop strong mental health.

Your child will take millions of steps growing up. Here’s one you can take to help! Attend the Beech Acres For the Love of Kids® parenting seminar series—your chance to experience national parenting experts in Cincinnati! Invest in your family and enjoy a few mornings out with friends or your partner! Tickets are $35 each

Enjoy a book and resource fair

Free parking and continental breakfast

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Located at the Cintas Center, 9-12 noon

Sign up for 1 session of SAVE when you sign up for all 3.

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