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How to Activate Kids’ Empathy

12 Keys to School Safety

6Rs to Prevent Bullying

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Teaching Kids How to Be More Than Bystanders And Stand Up to Bullies

Teaching Kids How to Be More Than Bystanders And Stand Up to Bullies

In this NBC’s Dateline special: “The Perils of Parenting,” I appear as the expert on bullying. Producers asked me to teach middle school students–when bullying peaks–specific bystander strategies to deal with bullies. I developed the techniques after reviewing dozens of studies on the “Bystander Effect” and have trained hundreds of educators in how to use them with students. The US Army also invited me to teach these skills on our 18 of our bases in Europe and the Asian-Pacific. They work (so say the students and the school climate surveys) I’ll be sharing these in with educators in Washington DC at the upcoming School Safety Summits and the National Character Education Partnership Conference.   How to Teach Kids to Be Active Bystanders Studies show that active bystanders can do far more than just watch. In fact, student bystanders may be our last, best hope in reducing bullying. Active student bystanders can: ~ Reduce the audience that a bully craves ~ Mobilize the compassion of witnesses to step in and stop the bullying ~ Support the victim and reduce the trauma ~ Be a positive influence in curbing a bullying episode ~ Encourage other students to support a school climate of caring ~ Report a bullying incident since 85 percent of time bullying occurs an adult is not present. Students are usually the witnesses When bystanders intervene correctly, studies find they can cut bullying more than half the time and within 10 seconds. [Pepler and Craig] Borba’s Six “Be a Bully B.U.S.T.E.R.” Skills There are parameters to activate student bystanders, so get educated! Here are a few facts to ensure... read more
11 Possible Signs of Cyberbullying

11 Possible Signs of Cyberbullying

What Is Cyberbullying? Cyberbullying is an electronic form of communication that uses cyber-technology or digital media to hurt, threaten, embarrass, annoy, blackmail or otherwise target another minor. Every adult who interacts with kids–parents, educators, librarians, police, pediatricians, coaches, child care givers–must get educated about this lethal new form bullying so you can find ways to stop this horrific trend. One reason for such a dramatic increase in cyber-abuse is that it’s just so much easier to be cruel when you don’t have to do lash out vicious insinuations face to face and you can do so anonymously! Where we once thought we just had to protect children from adult predators using the Internet, we now need to shield kids from one another. Cyber-bullying is real. Many experts confirm that the psychological effects on our children can be as devastating, and may be even more so than traditional bullying. Research proves that when kids are left unsupervised and without behavior expectations traditional bullying thrives. And we may not be doing as good a job as we think. Though studies vary has to the extent of cyber-bullying and if it is increasing, we know that is clearly concerning to any victim. The one common theme is most studies is that parents are too often unaware that their child is a victim or underestimate how often their child is cyberbullied. REALITY CHECK: One survey found that while 93 percent of parents feel they have a good idea of what their kids are doing on the Internet; 41 percent of our kids say they don’t share with us what they do or where... read more
Building Moral Intelligence

Building Moral Intelligence

Building Moral Intelligence: The Seven Essential Virtues that Teach Kids to Do the Right Thing. Gain a new understanding of moral intelligence, and a step-by-step program for its achievement from bestselling author, Michele Borba. In this indispensable book for parents, Borba has created a new break-through in conceptualizing and teaching virtue, character and values under the auspices of a measurable capacity — Moral Intelligence. This book confronts the front-page crisis we now face in our country regarding youth violence, alienation, self-destructive behavior, cold-heartedness, lack of compassion, insensitivity, intolerance and the break down of values. The author provides a new way to understand, evaluate and inspire our kids with the seven essential virtues which comprise moral intelligence. Buy... read more


Attainment Company, Inc. recently had the pleasure of working with Dr. Michele Borba on a video shoot. Having been doing projects with a comparable level of “talent” for sometime, as the producer of close to 50 feature documentaries, I have no hesitation in giving her my highest recommendation as a professional and as a human being.
Tom Kinney, Producer, Attainment Company, Inc. Wisconsin

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