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Dr. Borba is appears as regularly in national print and on radio and television as a go-to expert regarding child and teen issues. She is an educational psychologist and expert in bullying, character development, child behavior and empathy. Borba is an NBC contributor who has appeared 130 times live on the TODAY show and countless shows including: 3 Dateline specials, Dr. Phil, The View, NBC Nightly News, The Doctors, Dr. Oz, Anderson Cooper, Katie Couric, MSNBC, Fox & Friends, Daily Buzz, Countdown, two NBC Education Nation specials, Inside Edition, Fox, The Early Show, CNN and Dr. Drew and interviewed by Time, Washington Post, Newsweek, People, U.S. News & World Report, New York Times, Reader’s Digest, Globe and Mail and as a media spokesperson for corporations including RC2 Learning Curve, Florida OJ, 3M, Ragu, Dixie Cup, Office Depot, Unilever, Splenda, Similac, General Mills, Mastercard, All, Galderma, V-Tech, Cetaphil, Walmart, Johnson & Johnson and consultant to McDonalds and Disney.


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National Media
TODAY Show, Dr. Phil, NBC’s Dateline, MSNBC, NBC Nightly News, The Early Show, The Doctors, Anderson Cooper, Katie Couric, Dr. Drew’s Lifechanger, Fox and Friends, Joy Behar Show, The Daily Buzz, GMA Health Edition, The View, The Tyra Banks Show, CNN-HLN Jane Velez-Mitchell, Canada AM, Dr Oz, Raising Sextuplets, CNN American Morning, KGO-ABC RonnOwens, NPR Talk of the Nation, CNN Headline News, Inside Edition, The Soup!, Geraldo and Friends, KTLA-TV Morning Show, FOX Headline News, Countdown Keith Olbermann, ABC View from the Bay, Harpo Radio, WGN Chicago, ABC Chicago, National Public Radio, Focus on Family, Disney Radio, CNN Radio Network, CBC Radio Network, ABC Radio Network, Dr. Oz Radio Show, Talk America, Bloomberg Business Radio, USA Network,

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The New York Times, Washington Post, US News & World Report, Newsweek, Time, People, Real Simple, Family Circle, Chicago Tribune, Parents, Better Homes & Gardens, Child, Redbook, New York Daily News, First for Women, Washington Times, New York Post

Here are just a sample of topics Dr. Borba has addressed on TV:

1. The New “Full Nest” Family
2. Teen Drinking & Driving
3. Raising Digital Kids
4. Co-Sleeping with Kids Trend
5. No-Kid Movement
6. Unplugging Kids from the TV!
7. Advertiser Impact on Girls
8. How to Talk to Kids About Scary News
9. Are We Raising Quitter Kids?
10. Monitoring Our Cyber-Kids
11. How to Unspoil Your Child
12. Kids’ Mental Health Spike
13. Parenting Kids in a Digital World
14. Raising Charitable Kids
15. Acing Parent Conference
16. Back to School Check-Up
17. Parent Workshop: Education Series
18. Grandparents Raising Grandkids
19. Homework Battles
20. Social Networking Narcissism
21. The Only Child: Dispelling the Myths
22. Easing Kids’ Back to School Jitters
23. Helping Kids Be Smarter Spenders
24. Family Styles Affect on Later Achievement
25. Kids Sports: Pushing or Backing Off
26. Road Trip Sanity Savers
27. Kid Boredom Busters
28. Impact of Day Care on Teens
29. Behavior Turn-Arounds
30. Stress Busters
31. Raising Drug-Free Kids
32. 8 is the New 13
33. Child & Teacher Friction
34. Cures for Those Homework Battles
35. Summer Slide and Reading Slump
36. Dating 101: Crash Course for Parents
37. Media Effect on Kids in Reality TV
38. How to Help Your Clingy Kid
39. Telling Kids Daddy Lost His Job
40. The Sane Parenting Diet
41. Kid 1sts: Crushes, Loves, Rejections
42. Thawing Your Teen’s Cold Shoulder
43. New Years Parenting Resolutions
44. Teen Stress and School Success
45. How to Stop Kids From Cheating
46. The Kid Cheating Epidemic
47. Raising Kids in the White House
48. How to Raise an Assertive Kid
49. Halloween Costumes Too Sleazy?
50. Kids and Fears
52. Nebraska’s Safe Haven Law
53. Is Your Child Gifted?
54. Parents & the Child’s Teacher
55. Preparing for New Sibling
56. Back to School Sanity
57. 5 Biggest Parenting Mistakes
58. Lonely Mom Syndrome
59. 7 Big Life Changes for Kids
60. Teens and Finances
61. Real Questions from Moms
62. Kids and Your Past Life
63. Parenting Teens
64. Stop the Whining
65. Deprogramming a Materialistic Kid
66. Stress Mounts in Teens
67. Things to NEVER Say to a Tween
68. Is It Ever Okay to Bribe Your Kids?
69. Teen Pregnancy
70. Freshman Depression Crisis
71. When Your Teen Turns On You
72. Stress Busters for Kids
73. What Really Worries Parents?
74. Raising an Unspoiled Kid
75. Is It Ever Okay to Lie to Your Kid?
76. How to Get the Best Tutor
77. 6 Risky Teen Behaviors
78. Should You Label Your Child?
79. Single Mom Trend
80. College Bound Kid Sendoff
81. What Really Makes Teens Happy?
82. Secret to Raising Confident Girls
83. Middle Child Syndrome
84. Great American Road Trip
85. Sibling Rivalry Dos and Don’ts
86. Eldest child is Smarter
87. Older Dads Make Better Fathers
88. Helicopter Parents Hit Workplace:
89. Grupsters: 30 Something Parenting
90. Motherhood Parenting Survey
91. Baby Boomer Grandmas
92. If Your Kid Has Bad Friends
93. 1mpact of Sexual Images on Girls
94. New Modern Family
95. Spanking: Live Viewer Questions
96. Parenting New Years Resolutions
97. Overscheduling Kids
98. Happy Holiday Without Spoiling
99. Teachers Wish Parents Knew
100. Boy Crisis
101. How to Talk to Kids about Sex