Shame Nation: Must-Read for Restoring Internet Civility

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Shame Nation: Must-Read for Restoring Internet Civility

“The culture of destroying people with the simple stroke of a keyboard has become much more than a fad-it’s the new normal. In today’s digitally-driven world, disaster is only a click away. Don’t assume your family is immune” – Sue Scheff from Shame Nation

REALITY CHECK: 73% of American adults have witnessed online harassment, 40% were victims; 70% of young Americans say they have been victims (Pew); 80% of workplaces now have a social media policy in effect (Proskauer 2014); 28% of Americans admitted to engaging in malicious online activities directed at somebody they didn’t even know (YouGov) from Shame Nation

The New Normal of Online Shaming

Sue Scheff knows firsthand how devastating cyber shaming can be. A nationally-recognized author, speaker, parent advocate and Internet safety expert, she was also victimized online. In 2006, she won a landmark $11.3 million judgment for Internet defamation and invasion of privacy that made international headlines. Since then, her name and voice have become synonymous with helping others who have been victims of online abuse, as well as educating people of all ages about the importance of good digital citizenship and protecting their online reputations.

In her new book, Shame Nation: The Global Epidemic of Online Hate (Sourcebooks) Scheff and coauthor Melissa Schorr, with a special foreword by social activist Monica Lewinsky, examine the “new normal” of online shaming and how it affects those who are targeted.

Shame Nation not only details how we can protect ourselves online and gives readers advice on how to reclaim their online reputations, but it also explores individual cases with firsthand interviews from renowned experts in the fields of psychology, law, crisis management, and public relations. It is the first book to both explore the fascinating phenomenon of online shaming and offer practice guidance and inspiring advice on how to prevent and protect against cyber blunders and faceless bullies.

Scheff’s book is smart, timely and essential. In fact, Shame Nation is the era’s must-read to renew Internet civility where humiliating, criticizing and judging are normalized. And there is no one better than Sue Scheff to share how to prevent as well as rebound from digital shaming. Her own battle against cybershaming riveted the world and changed the way we use the Internet. Her sage advice and realistic tips for cyber etiquette are indispensable and must be heeded for any hope of a civil existence and restoring empathy in cyberspace. And advice and tips are abundant and practical.

A Few Topics of This Must-Read

6 ways to be more cybersavvy

CARE: A four-step method to take action and approach our online posts with empathy

6 guidelines for online sharing

3 strategies to teach kids “never share, share limitedly, and share more openly

An Upstander pledge to help kids to vow to be more empathetic online

5 steps to take control of a digital disaster

3 ways to address pesky trolls so as not to create backlash

7 resources that offer online support if you’re suffering from online harassment

10 steps to rebooting your life after a digital shaming

11 ways schools, neighborhoods and communities are taking back kindness-and you can, too

Positive Reviews From Leading Experts 

“This most valuable book is an attempt to frame the human stories on either side of (cyber)bulying-to strip away the screens and digital posturing and create a narrative steeped in empathy.” – Monica Lewisnky, from the foreword of Shame Nation

Scheff offers the latest insight as to why people publicly shame each other and will equip readers with the tools to protect themselves from what has now become the new Scarlet Letter.” – Ross Ellis, Founder and CEO, STOMP Out Bullying

“Engaging, sharp, and important – Shame Nation will inspire you to open your eyes and be better in society’s growing cyber culture.” – Theresa Payton, CEO of Fortalice Solutions and Deputy Director of Intelligence on CBS’ Hunted

“Scheff recognizes that participating in that creation can be overwhelming and intimidating, especially given the personal risks we face as women who want to join a public discourse, and provides in Shame Nation a clear-eyed, approachable guide to facing a hostile online environment while maintaining our dignity and sanity.” – Emily Lindin, Founder and Director of The UnSlut Project

“Thoroughly researched and packed with eye opening anecdotes, Shame Nation will help you learn why people choose to shame one another online, and what to do if it happens to you or a loved one.” –Katie Hurley, LCSW author of No More Mean Girls and The Happy Kid Handbook

Shame Nation is a practical and helpful book that forges a way forward through the gauntlet of social media and online shaming while encouraging an ethical approach to an increasingly judgmental world.”      – Jessica Lahey, Author, New York Times bestseller The Gift of Failure: How the Best Parents Learn to Let Go So Their Children Can Succeed.

“I will be recommending this book to everyone I know. Shame Nation holds that elusive key to stopping the trend of online hate so kindness and compassion can prevail.”-Rachel Macy Stafford, New York Times bestselling author of Hands Free Mama, Hands Free Life, and Only Love Today

“Finally, there will be sage advice and necessary tools to understand and help each other live in the society-shaming environment we all share.”-Stacey Honowitz, CNN legal analyst, sex crimes prosecutor and author

“This book is the must-read survival guide for anyone who uses the Internet today.”-Diana Graber, Founder of CyberCivics and co-founder of Cyberwise

From parent shaming to school sexting scandals to revenge porn to daunting screenshots to the military insulting their colleagues, Scheff says it’s time to take back this culture of hate and be part of bringing our Shame Nation to a Sane Nation.  I hope you join me in urging everyone to not only read it, but apply it. Scheff’s book is the path to a more civil virtual world and crucial to preserve civility both online and off.