Dr. Michele Borba, Corporate Spokesperson
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The Premier Voice Parents and Teachers Respect and Companies Trust


“Michele Borba offers insightful, realistic, straightforward advice that is sure to get immediate results.”
Sally Lee, editor in chief, Parents Magazine

“I have always respected Michele Borba as the best educational thinker in the field of self-esteem in the world.”
Jack Canfield, co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul© series

“Michele Borba has shown us all how to be loving moms who raise great kids, without losing our peace of mind, our lives as adults or our true selves.”
Phyllis George, Former Miss America, Pioneer Female Sportscaster, Former First Lady of Kentucky

Dr. Borba’s work has been adopted by over one million parents and teachers worldwide through her ongoing workshops, books, blogs, and speaking tours

Who is Dr. Michele Borba?
“Parents and Teachers Do Make a Difference” is the motto of America’s Most Respected Child Expert, Dr. Michele Borba. As a motivational speaker to over one million participants, best selling author, and highly-sought after media personality, Michele helps families empower children to be strong from the inside out. Countless parents and educators rely on her solution-driven strategies to raise confident kids with strong minds, solid character and caring hearts. Her research-based work is hailed worldwide by parents, educators, law enforcement, government, and organizations for helping to make homes, schools, and communities more safe and caring places and give our youth a brighter tomorrow.

logo_miniDr. Michele Borba in the Media
Michele is regularly invited to share her simple parenting solutions in the national media. She has appeared on the Today Show, The Early Show, Fox and Friends, American Morning, and The View, and has conducted over 500 radio interviews. Michele comments as a parent and education expert on developing news stories for CNN Prime News, MSNBC, and FOX NEWS. Her work has been featured in national print including People, Redbook, Family Circle, Newsweek, Parenting, Woman’s Day, and US News & World Report. She is a regular parenting expert for Lime satellite radio stations and her one-minute “Raising Healthy, Happy Kids” parent messages are heard from coast-to-coast several times daily on the Sirius network.

Dr. Michele Borba’s Corporate Relationships
Dr. Borba is frequently invited to represent family-oriented products and services. Michele’s ability to integrate practices that strengthen children’s character, resilience and self-esteem into a corporation’s core beliefs make her a unique spokesperson. Blending a company’s vision with cutting-edge research and child development theory, she develops realistic strategies for today’s busy families. Bully-proofing kids, nurturing character, boosting cyber-safety, increasing girls’ self-esteem, and developing study skills are just a few of her trademark campaigns. Recent clients include: McDonalds, McGraw-Hill, Boys and Girls Club of America, International La Leche League, Girl Scouts of America, National Center for Youth Drop Outs, Beechnut, and the Center Resource Group for Character Education and Civic Engagement for the U.S. Department of Education. Michele also serves on the advisory boards for Parents magazine, Lean Forward Media, and CosmoGirl.

Dr. Michele Borba’s Global Experience
Michele’s child-rearing and parenting insights and solutions are universal. Her award-winning parenting books have been translated in over 11 different languages. She has presented motivational keynotes throughout North American, Europe, Asia and the South Pacific, was hired by the Ministry of Education for Finland, Canada, New Zealand, and Malaysia, and was named the Honorary Chairperson for the Implementation of Self-Esteem in Hong Kong. The National Association of Self-Esteem named her National Educator of the Year. Michele was recently selected to represent the United States by McDonald’s Corporation on their Global Moms Panel.

Dr. Michele Borba One-to-One
Michele has the unique opportunity to personally hear and respond to today’s parenting concerns through her website, media appearances, and nationwide speaking tours reaching thousands of parents aged 21 to 55 every month. In her yearly workshops and book signings in over 120 cities, Michele talks with hundreds of parents and teachers, and has a pulse on the latest parenting trends as well as youth issues and needs.

Dr. Michele Borba Online
realitycheck300x76As a contributor/expert to more than fifty online parenting and family sites, Dr. Borba cultivates communities, resolves concerns of today’s parents, and provides resources and information making her the premier voice for today’s parents and teachers. Her affiliations include iVillage, ClubMom.com, BabyZone.com, About.com, Pregnancy.org, and SheKnows.com. Michele regularly writes blogs, parenting columns, answers Q & A’s and conducts Internet chats. Michele works closely with online editors to create customized content features that accommodate a variety of parents’ concerns. Michele’s own daily blog, Borba’s Reality Check, is logged onto daily by hundreds of readers.

Dr. Michele Borba Makes A Difference
Michele is a master at getting the message out and instantly connects with her audience with her refreshing and knowledgeable delivery. Her wise and sound advice is culled from doctoral degrees in educational psychology and counseling, teaching learning disabled and special needs children, and mothering her three children. Her vast experience combined with a witty, straight-forward and engaging manner make her ideal for any company who wants to make a positive difference on today’s youth and desires a spokesperson who can deliver their vision with impact and resonance.

“We heartily endorse you as a self-esteem expert; and on a personal note, you were always a joy to work with.”
Alan Bradlsey, Associate Producer, Arnold Shapiro Productions

“I can’t thank you enough for your fabulous keynote address you delivered at our recent Operation Respect Symposium in Washington D.C. Your speech was rated at the top. People are still talking about it a month later. It has launched Operation Respect into an entirely new level of effectiveness.”
Charles F. Dambch, President & CEO: Operation Respect

A list of Dr. Borba’s media segment ideas and editorial calendar of month-by-month topic possibilities for your next campaign are available upon request.