Today Show Appearance: May 2 – the 8:20 am Are You A Grupster?????

Michele Borba May 1, 2007 Comments Off on Today Show Appearance: May 2 – the 8:20 am Are You A Grupster?????

Are you a grupster? Maybe I should first ask if you’ve even heard of the term. But it’s a hot new life-style trend that appears to have started in Austin, and then became famous when Jonathon Morgan wrote about these folks in the American-Statemen. If you’re a Star Trek buff, the term may sound a bit familiar. “Grupsters” is derived from hipster, yuppied and “grups” – (those so-called adults on a planet ruled by children in a “star Trek” episode).

So what’s the big deal? Nothing really, unless you’re a grupster parent and then things become interesting. These 30-something “adults” do have jobs and mortgages and families. They are also very trendy, love to write blogs, hate Barney, indie-culture affilaitions, and look quite “cool.” In fact, if you put them in a typical college classroom, you’d probably have a tough time picking out the “adult” and the twenty-year old. And that’s really the key point: Grupsters don’t really want to grow up. Why can’t they just keeping dressing and acting and listening to the same music they did when they were 20-something? And why can’t their kids enjoy their same passions?

This is when things get interesting because what’s basically at stake: the Generation Gap. If the trend catches on, say goodbye to it. That line between adolescent and adult will start to blur until it finally is no more.

Join me. We’ll be talking about this very subject and how parenting (the Grupster way) may affect how the kiddies turn out.

Should be interesting.

Michele Borba