TODAY SHOW — Wed. Nov 7: What REALLY Worries Parents These Days

Michele Borba November 3, 2007 0

Being a parent is stressful, always was, probably always will be. And each generation seems to think it faces more stress than the generation before. Today’s moms and dads are no different. According to a new poll by Parents Magazine, most parents feel they are under more stress than their parents were. And many of them think that their children are under more stress than they were when they were young.

But the kinds of things that today’s parents worry about are clear grounds to keep them up at night. And rightly so! The times really are a changin’!

I’ll be talking about the findings of that poll, the impact on our children and recommendations for moms and dads on the Today show this Wednesday, Nov. 7 with Sally Lee, editor in chief of Parents Magazine. The results are fascinating. Hope you join me.

Michele Borba

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