What People Say About Dr. Borba’s Presentations

Here are some comments we have received from participants in Dr. Borba’s presentations and keynotes:

I have always respected you as the best educational thinker in the field of self-esteem in the world. I am delighted that your thoughts will now be available to parents.
Jack Canfield; Co-author Chicken Soup for the Soul series

I have always regarded you as one of the most competent and significant figures in the self-esteem movement. I think you have something enormously important to offer parents and teachers.
Nathaniel Branden, Ph.D.,;
Author, The Psychology of Self-Esteem 

Thank you so much for your help and valuable input concerning our documentary on parenting entitled, “New and Improved Kids” As the credit for our program reflects, we heartily endorse you as a self-esteem expert; and on a personal note, you were always a joy to work with.
Alan Bardsley, Associate Producer;
Arnold Shapiro Productions

Your recent radio interview will be an invaluable addition to the nationally syndicated radio feature The Parent Report. The knowledge and sensitivity which you bring to your subject matter is quite evident. I thank you for your well-expressed viewpoints.
Joanne Wilson, Producer;
The Parent Report,WM Communications Inc. Canada 

As part of our ongoing efforts to heighten the awareness of the dangers of gang life, we have worked closely with Dr. Borba’s materials. For two years, over 7,500 students were exposed to her program and the results have contributed to an overall reduction in violent crimes and school expulsions by 25.6%.
Michael Scacco, Youth Diversion Counselor;
GRASP Unit, Cathedral City Police Department, California

Michele, you have displayed your leadership in the field of education like no other. Your grounded approach and insistent on scientific review has displayed the clear success of your techniques.
Senator John Vasconcellos;
Thirteen District, California State Senate

Your insights and materials are certainly the most thoroughly research-based and documented of any we have received in the area of education.
Robert Ball, Executive Director;
California Task Force to Promote Self-Esteem and Personal and Social Responsibility

Cross-culturally, Dr. Michele Borba has brought valuable insights to teaching professionals. Her parenting ideas have also been widely adopted by parent educators in Hong Kong.
Ivan Yiu, Director;
Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, Hong Kong

As I move around the country I am still hearing expressions of delight regarding your speaking tour. I have to say that in my experience as an educator who has attended many seminars I have never seen an audience rise to their feet in a standing ovation as I saw them do at the session I attended. New Zealanders are seldom prone to such displays of emotion!
Nola L. Hambleton, President;
New Zealand Principals’ Federation

Thank you for all your help in making our recent television presentation, Everything You Wanted to Know About Self-Esteem and the People to Ask, the success we feel it was. I always enjoy working with you. You have so much to offer in the field of self-esteem and so much is gained from listening to your fine presentations.
Alice Healy-Sesno, Ph.D.;
ETN Network , Consultant, Los Angeles

Attainment Company, Inc. recently had the pleasure of working with Dr. Michele Borba on a video shoot. Having been doing projects with a comparable level of “talent” for sometime, as the producer of close to 50 feature documentaries, I have no hesitation in giving her my highest recommendation as a professional and as a human being.
Tom Kinney, Producer;
Attainment Company, Inc. Wisconsin

It makes my job so much easier when I have guests who are prepared to talk about the subject in a compelling and entertaining manner. As your enthusiasm and personality entered the picture, I believe my listeners really tied into your ideas.
Darrell Ankarlo, Program Director;Success Radio, SW Network, New York

Sunburst Communications worked with Michele Borba in the development and production of the video, Self-Esteem: Elementary Level and was interviewed as an expert on the topic. She was excellent both on camera and off, and a pleasure to work with.
Rebecca Goalby Fisher, Producer;
Sunburst Communications, New York

The Oak Hill teachers were unanimous in considering Dr. Borba’s materials the most timely, useful and motivating they have experienced during their teaching careers.
Harold King, Principal;
Converse, IN

This is something every educator should experience!
Jackie Renshler, Teacher

Dr. Borba made such an impact on our staff that the very next day at school the staff was implementing what they had learned and were making positive changes for our students and community.
Verle Conner, Superintendent;
Independent School District 583, Pipestone, MN

Probably the most important seminar I have ever attended.
Kay Oppenhuizen, L.D. Teacher

Each and every year Dr. Borba’s presentations have received outstanding reviews from educators and parents who have participated in her workshops, and each year she receives the highest ratings of any of our speakers, and we deal with the very best speakers in North America. We use her presentations as the standard of excellence for all our speakers.
Maria Lohrasb;
TW Branun & Associates; British Columbia

The single best seminar ever attended in 18 years of teaching. Spirit lifting and practical!
Jackie Fletcher, Teacher

In have to say that in my experience as an educator who has attended many seminars and conferences I have never seen an audience rise to their feet in a standing ovation as I saw them do at the session I attended. New Zealanders and seldom prone to such displays of emotion.
Nola Hambleton,
President, New Zealand Principals’ Federation

Jam-packed with practical, immediately usable ideas….clearly presented, fast-paced, with well documented resources.
Nancy Meyer, Teacher

Michele Borba is dynamic! She backs everything she says in her seminar with valuable, current and extensive research.
Julie M. Straugn, 6th Grade Teacher

During the first week of school, I walked through the classrooms and was gratified and surprised by the immediate impact of Dr. Borba’s workshop. Every classroom had at least one of her charts and I caught a large percentage of the teachers engaging students in the activities she had suggested. Her workshop positively affected the lives of hundreds of children.
William Knight, Principal;
Newport Beach, CA

Although the audience consisted of over 1000 participants in each session, Dr. Borba had the ability to speak to each individual. Your well-organized, informative and motivating talk touched everyone.
Edward Gonwa,
Assistant Regional Superintendent of Schools, IL

I wish it were possible to have Dr. Borba with our board full-time. After hearing Michele, we changed our school motto to read: ‘The Key is We.’
Tom Green, Principal;
Ontario, Canada

I have never witnesses such energy, enthusiasm and practical examples all rolled into one single speaker. She is a terrific teacher!
Rose Ann Fallon, Administrator

The most informative, inspirational seminar I have ever attended, jammed with useful and practical suggestions.
Janet Berman, Resource Specialist

Administrators have noticed changes in class climate, in particular classrooms in which the Esteem Builders program use has been regular. Improved staff attitude toward children has been noted. Staff morale has risen.
Chris Schmitt-Chan;
Stockton, CA

We have been using many of the materials and ideas presented by Dr. Michele Borba. Our teachers and ever students themselves report positive things. We have all grown more sensitive to others’ self-esteem.
Dr. Marilyn Skinner,
Assistant Superintendent; Kokomo, IN

Michele is wonderful! She stimulated and excited my entire staff with her research, her ideas and her materials. This workshop helped us start our school year in a very positive mode. We are regularly using her materials in our classroom now.
Shirley Baker, Principal;
Colorado Springs, CO

An education in a day! A wealth of ideas and techniques to use in your classroom. Every teacher and administrator involved with children should attend this seminar.
Jack Ferrante,
Learning Support Teacher

Sincerely, the most useful seminar I’ve ever attended — and I’ve attended many! It gave me energy both by the very helpful content and the incredible energy level of Dr. Borba.
L. Punkay,
7/8 Study Skills/English Teacher

We have seen many changes–all positive–as a result of using Dr. Borba’s materials including higher test scores and fewer discipline problems. Students are taking responsibility for their actions and are problem-solving on their own.
Nancy Kong; Coordinator;
San Jose, CA

Dr. Michele Borba’s visit to our community was so exciting and informative. I feel I could put into action many ideas for our family. She is very dynamic, with so much to give!

Ann Parker, Parent; Gunnison, CO

This seminar was excellent! The best part about it was how concrete ideas were given–ideas that teachers can take back to their classrooms and easily implement.
Jim Holder, 3rd Grade Teacher

School climate, staff morale, and parent interest and awareness have all been positive affected by using many of the activities suggested by Dr. Borba.
Barb Tarbert, Principal; Aspen, CO

Every teacher needs a day with Dr. Borba. This was the spark my batteries needed! Thanks for the practical useful ideas to implement!
Bettina Fitzpatrick Teacher

Absolutely inspiring! She kept my attention from the very beginning to the very end!
Annie Steinle, 4th Grade Teacher

Invigorating, touching, caring, and most of all useful.
John Doskoch, Counselor

Dr. Michele Borba is a terrific teacher’s teacher. She’s dynamic, knowledgeable, and down-to-earth.
Elizabeth Cote, Teacher

Michele Borba is a vivacious speaker — her enthusiasm is contagious. She is entertaining, touching, caring and motivational. I’m anxious to try each of her practical ideas.
Bonlyn Speidel, Teacher

Michele Borba is a dynamite presenter! She is in tune with the needs of her audience–students, teachers, parents and administrators–she listens and offers suggestions that fit and make sense.
Annie Podesto, Staff Development;
Stockton Unified, CA

Dr. Michele Borba is the most exciting speaker I have ever heard. It was worth driving two hours to hear her!
Marne Boyce,
Title I Teacher

So inspirational and informative and infused with enthusiasm, empowerment and valuable insights regarding reaching and making a difference for kids at risk.
Dhorea Kelly, Teacher

This was the most dynamic, informative workshop I’ve ever attended. I wish I could have attended it twenty-five years ago–at the start of my teaching career.
Bobbie Lindeman, 3rd Grade Teacher

We are still receiving congratulatory comments on your outstanding keynote address and follow-up session at our 18th Annual Special Education Conference. Because of your presentation, many of our conferees say that they are now more aware of the needs of their students and feel challenged to meet them.
Doris Okada;
California State University: Dominguez Hills

Wonderful presentation! Informative, entertaining, uplifting and encouraging!
Susan Robinson, Teacher

It gives me great personal pride to tell you that Dr. Borba’s ideas provided our instructional and support staff with a true desire to change our perspectives on educating youth for the twenty-first century.
Lorraine Brown, Coordinator,
Sacramento Unified School District

Dr. Borba’s books have helped teachers in Britain to do work with young children that helps them develop the healthy self-concepts that are essential to holding positive attitudes of people different from themselves.
Miriam Steiner, National Coordinator Global Education Manchester, England

Michele Borba was fantastic. She’s a master at presenting worthwhile techniques and strategies to use with our students.
Orphine Barrett, Classroom Teacher

As part of our ongoing efforts to heighten the awareness of the dangers of gang life, we have worked closely with Dr. Borba and have used her materials to teach youth the basic skills of negotiating a peaceful resolution problems. For two years, over 7,500 students were exposed to this program and the results have contributed to an overall reduction in violent crimes and school expulsions by 25.6%.
Michael Scacco, Youth Diversion Counselor,
GRASP Unit, Cathedral City Police Department, California

Loved it — practical — useful — a shot in the arm. What enthusiasm you have — that day flew by. Thanks so much.
Betty Deane, Teacher

One of the best speakers I’ve ever heard. Excellent, practical ideas that can be used to help students. Very uplifting.
Delina Carpenter, Special Education Teacher

Dr. Michele Borba is one of the most energetic and compelling presenters I have ever had the privilege of listening to!
Lisa Fisk, Teacher