Building Moral Intelligence

Publisher: Jossey-Bass
Available in: Hardback, Paperback and E-Reader
ISBN:  0787962260
Published: September 2002

At a time when parents, educators, politicians, and policymakers are searching for new ways to fight the apparent indifference to right and wrong among young people, noted educator Dr. Michele Borba has created a new breakthrough in conceptualizing and teaching virtue, character, and values under the auspices of measurable capacity-Moral Intelligence. Without relying on didactic theory, sermonizing, or abstract philosophy, Dr. Borba offers a new way to understand, evaluate, and inspire our kids with the Seven Essential Virtues that comprise Moral Intelligence: empathy, conscience, self-control, respect, kindness, tolerance and fairness. Building Moral Intelligence gives parents and teachers practical self-tests for measuring their kids’ status and progress and includes helpful step-by-step guidelines. These detailed, hands-on activities include a range of projects that will appeal to kids from three to fifteen.

“No parenting book I know of offers so many practical insights, workable strategies, and inspiring stories, books, videos and other family-friendly resources for intentionally teaching these crucial character strengths.”
– from the Foreword by Thomas Lickona, PhD, author, Raising Good Children

“A much-needed antidote to the waves of incivility, intolerance, and insensitivity sweeping through our nation’s youth culture. I’d like to see a copy of this book in every home across America!”
-Thomas Armstrong, PhD, author, 7 Kinds of Smart, Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom and Awakening Your Child’s Natural Genius

“If you care about the future of our children and our nation, read this important book! Perfectly balancing cutting-edge research with practical strategies, engaging anecdotes and wise insights.”
– Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul