Parents Do Make A Difference

Publisher: Jossey-Bass
Available in: Paperback
ISBN-10: 0787946052
ISBN-13: 978-0787946050
Published: May 7, 1999

For Teachers and Parents of Children to Age 12

Finally, a book that shows you how to teach kids the eight indispensable skills-self-confidence, self-awareness, communication, problem solving, getting along, goal setting, perseverance, and empathy-they’ll need for living confident, happy, and productive lives. Filled with step-by-step advice, practical ideas, and real-life examples, Parents Do Make a Difference puts field-tested tools into the hands of every parent and teacher who wants their children to succeed.

These simple skills, which Borba has researched and workshopped across the country, then implemented in the curriculum of three elementary schools, are commonsensical, feel-good affirmations for parents and kids. For parents who want to help their children develop the eight skills (self-confidence, communication, getting along, perseverance, self-awareness, problem solving, goal setting, and caring), it should be of significant help. – Amazon Book Reviews, Selected as Book of the Month

“The fact is this may well be the only book you’ll ever need on raising great children.” -from the Foreword by Jack Canfield, coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Soul®

“Grounded in solid research, her message has the potential to truly help parents help their children be more successful in school and in life.” – Richard Herzberg, executive director, Bureau of Education & Research

“Parents Do Make a Difference is a godsend for parents. Dr. Borba speaks clearly and authoritatively about the things that matter most to a child’s success-not grades or test scores, but the ability to set goals, cooperate, and empathize with others, to be self-reliant and self-motivated, and above all, have high self-esteem.” -Thomas Armstrong, author of Awakening Your Child’s Natural Genius and In Their Own Way