The Pandemic Generation

1. Raising the Pandemic Generation Now and Later

Fear, uncertainty, social distancing, anxiety, zoom learning, and financial distress are the new normal of COVID-19. Dr. Borba shares evidence-based ways to help our pandemic generation handle adversity and bounce back from challenges.

Sessions are offered for parents, educators, counselors, and therapists as well as students in person or webinar format. Trauma-informed strategies are offered when requested.

2. How to Help the Pandemic Generation Thrive Now & Later (Educators and Parents)

These are unprecedented times but how do we help our students?

Dr. Borba explains why empathy and resilience are core when educators and parents are considering how to help their children before and after school. You’ll learn real, no cost, evidence-based ways to help children overcome adversity, be more resilient and learn skills they will need both now and later.

You’ll hear a range of support options from how to: rebuild personal connection after experiencing disconnection, teach coping strategies, minimize anxiety and stretch focusing, and so much more!

Most important, you’ll leave with strategies to improve school performance as well as help kids become thrivers both now and later.

3. Four No-Cost, Proven Cs That Heal Trauma & Build Students’ Resilience & Empathy in Uncertain Times

Dr. Borba shares evidence-based, no cost ways to offers mental health support and tools students need most to reduce stress and build resilience during unprecedented times. She offers 4C’s Care, Connect, Cope and Cultivate Hope to reach kids-whether learning is digital or in person) during these challenging times.

The 4 Cs also boost resilience, increase focusing, improve learning and reduce stress.

You’ll leave with practical, everyday tools they need to thrive both now and later. Examples tailored to parents or teachers (or both).

4. Why Empathy Is Crucial for the Pandemic Generation

Empathy is often sidelined as a “soft skill.” Dr. Borba offers hard evidence that it must become an educational and societal priority and crucial for helping students who have just faced a pandemic and dealt with social distancing, loneliness, anxiety and racial injustice.

You’ll learn why empathy is one of the most important skills that 21st century learners will need to thrive in an uncertain world and simple but powerful empathy-building practices you can weave into existing lessons whether digital or in-person.

Best yet, every idea can be woven into your existing content. Examples tailored to parents or teachers (or both).

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