I Got This

Publisher: National Center for Youth Issues
Sold by: National Center for Youth Issues
Available in: Hardcover, E-Reader
ISBN: 9781953945853
Published: August 1, 2024

Help Children Build Resilience!


Join Charlie as he learns BOUNCE BACK SUPERPOWERS that help him overcome challenges on his quest to become a Rescue Dog!


Encourage kids to find their inner strength with this fun and engaging picture book from bestselling authors Michele Borba and Julia Cook!


“The path you will take is steep and bumpy. There are no shortcuts. To make it to the top, you’ll need to use your BOUNCE BACK SUPERPOWERS.”


Charlie has wanted to be a rescue dog since he was a puppy. But getting his certification as an official Rescue Dog requires a climb to the very top of the tallest mountain!


With the help of his friends, Charlie sets out on a big adventure. Soon enough, obstacles begin to show up that test his determination. Charlie learns six Bounce Back Superpowers that allow him to overcome challenges and stay on the path. Through this story, readers will learn ways to:

  • approach difficulties with calm resolve
  • think creatively about possible solutions
  • break problems into manageable steps
  • take a “paws” now and then to recharge before moving forward


With friendship, encouragement, and wisdom, the next new Rescue Dog might just grow up before your eyes – and have an immediate opportunity to make a difference.