Character & Moral Development

1. How to activate empathy

Our children’s character is in trouble and scores of disturbing indicators prove it including the steady rise of bullying, apathy, depression, aggression, self-absorption and cheating as well as the sharp decline in respect, civility, personal accountability, empathy and honesty.

But the good news is that character is learned and the best character education is systemic so that all stakeholders are on the “same page.” Dr. Borba shares simple, no cost ways but evidence-based ways to nurture children’s moral and performance character so they are strong in heart as well as mind.

These sessions are designed for educators, parents, as well as students and based on her book, Building Moral Intelligence: 7 Essential Virtues That Teach Kids to Do the Right Thing.

2. Moral Intelligence: Our Last, Best Hope (Keynote for Educators and Community)

In our efforts to boost achievement and reduce negative behaviors, the one element we’ve largely overlooked is our students’ moral intelligence-the growing capacity to decipher right from wrong, choose what’s right and then behave morally.

Dr. Borba shares the latest research confirming that character can be learned, describes why it is diminishing, and provides a framework for teaching it, and offers simple no-cost ways to integrate character-builders into existing content as well as school-wide.

An inspiring and timely address filled with uplifting stories and proven, no-cost solutions for turning today’s Crisis of Youth Character around and affirms that educators may well be the last, best hope for many students.

3. Character Matters: Building Moral Learning Communities (Educators)

Do you want your students to be more responsible, empathetic and respectful? To have a strong moral compass and do the right thing without reminders or rewards? Display more self-respect and be accountable for their actions?

This session includes a collection of tools and strategies that have the potential to enhance solid character and caring hearts in our students. You’ll also learn how to develop a school learning community that enhances self-respect and social responsibility that is essential is enhancing students’ character.

Participants will understand what strong character is, recognize not only that it must be taught and can be taught, and experience literally dozens of ways to instantly enhance the seven virtues of solid character in the classroom or school Dr. Borba will share strategies for teaching pro-social behavior throughout the curriculum, bully-proofing and upstander strategies to nurture courage, and the value of boosting social responsibility in students.

4. Raising Socially Responsible Kids Who Do the Right Thing (Parents)

What really matters in raising a productive, responsible child? How do we really help kids stand up to peer pressure and defy those temptations? What are the best ways to help children become compassionate, respectful and do the right thing without us? How do we parent for character?

Join Dr. Borba for an inspiring session that will teach you how to parent for character. You’ll learn proven strategies that boost empathy, conscience and self-control, discipline techniques that stretch your child’s conscience so he wants to act right, and essential character-building skills that will help your child say no, solve problems, think before acting and consider the needs of others.

Based on Dr. Borba’s best-selling book, Building Moral Intelligence (chosen by Amazon as a “Top Ten Parenting book of the Year”), you’ll leave not only inspired but also provided with the powerful tools you need to build your child’s moral intelligence, and leave a lasting legacy on his or her life.

What’s more, you’ll learn practical strategies for raising successful, self-reliance, good and less-stressed kids.

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