The Big Book Of Parenting Solutions

Publisher: Jossey-Bass
Available in: Paperback and E-Reader
ISBN: 0787988316
Published: September 2009

Borba, author and Today Show regular, employs a cookbook like approach in her latest volume: rather than read through the entire tome, parents can flip to topics pertinent to their family. In nine sections on family, behavior, character, emotions, social scene, school, special needs, day-to-day and electronics, the author urges readers to roll up their sleeves and get back to basic, instinctual parenting. Borba helps readers identify the reason underlying the behavior or problem, and work with 10 essential principles of change. With her no-nonsense yet compassionate voice, Borba once again delivers an indispensable resource for parents of toddlers to 13-year-olds.” – Publishers Weekly

In this down-to-earth guide, trusted parenting expert Michele Borba offers her practical and proven advice for the most common childhood problems and challenges for kids age 3 to 13 including bullying materialism, not sharing, giving up, homework battles, chores, defiance, impulsive, sleep, peer pressure, poor sport, won’t listen, whining, fears, grief, stress. Each issue offers specific age appropriate solution for kids from sandbox to prom. The result: A better behaved and happier kid who is more respectful and responsible and better prepared to handle life both now and forever.

“Moms and dads have come to rely on Dr. Borba for advice on issues large and small. The Big Book of Parenting Solutions is an indispensable, comprehensive and authoritative guide to the wonderful and sometimes wacky world of parenthood. You’ll find yourself dipping into it for answers again and again.” – Dana Points, Editor-In-Chief, Parents

“Michele Borba offers insightful, realistic, and straightforward advice that is sure to get immediate results.” – Sally Lee, editor-in-child, Ladies Home Journal

“Michele Borba has gathered together some of the finest ideas and activities ever collected in one volume for parents. Consistently using the ideas Michele suggests will help your kids lead more successful lives not only now but also for the rest of their lives.” -Jack Canfield, coauthor, Chicken Soup for the Soul

“A sensitive, thoughtful and eminently practical book that will help parents help their children change behavior-and improve the well-being and happiness of the child and the entire family. A wonderful contribution!” – Alvin Rosenfeld, M.D., child psychiatrist, and coauthor, The Over-Scheduled Child