Hi Readers! I’m posting this on behalf of the world’s greatest publisher (mine!!!) — Jossey Bass. I’ve had the honor of writing seven books with them. Their support is fabulous, and they also arranged a great Twitter Contest (The Big Book of Parenting Solutions First Ever Twitter Giveway) two weeks ago and this week’s Wildest Worry Wednesday. Straight from Jossey Bass — the announcement of the two winners! Congrads!

On behalf of Michele Borba, Jossey Bass is happy to announce the winner of the Big Book of Parenting Solutions First Ever Twitter Giveaway!

 Congratulations to @KiarmaWorld who has won an hour long phone chat with Michele during which she can consult with her on a childrearing issue, media coaching, writing–whatever she likes! She’s also receives a signed copy of Michele Borba’s new book, The Big Book of Parenting Solutions: 101 Answers to Your Everyday Challenges and Wildest Worries.

@KiarmaWorld  please contact EBeam@Wiley.com for details. 

The Wildest  Worry Wednesday winner is Julie Blumenfeld Chesa who receives a signed copy of The Big Book of Parenting Solutions as well.

Julie’s worry will resonate with many parents:

My Wildest Worry Wednesday is that my daughter will grow up to be as much of a neurotic worries as I am. She’s 4 and we already see signs–she worries about things that don’t concern her already (eg: “Mommy, I don’t want to ever drive…because I might get in an accident.”) BTW: I have never had an accident in her lifetime so I don’t know where she got that. Is worrying nature or nurture—or a little bit of both? 🙂 

(Note from Michele: Julie – The answer is a little of both – but parenting does matter on this one! You’ve already identified your worry. Yippee –that’s Step One to change. Now you just need to make that change happen. When you receive a copy of The Big Book of Parenting Solutions turn to Pessimistic (page 279) and Worried About the World (page 310). You’ll find solutions to turn your child’s thinking–and yours–around. 🙂 

Julie please contact EBeam@Wiley.com for details. She needs your email address.  

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