Parenting for Today’s Parent Challenges a Review of The Big Book of Parenting Solutions by Kara Tamanini

by | Sep 14, 2009 | The Big Book of Parenting Solutions

Here is a review of my new book, The Big Book of Parenting Solutions written by Kara Tamanini for the Examiner. Kara is a child therapist and author of Understanding My ADHD who I met on twitter. You can follow her on twitter as I do @kidtherapist. Thanks Kara! I appreciate your great review. 

Meet author, Kara Tamanini of the Gainesville Kids’ Mental Health Examiner 

In today’s troubled times, the job of parenting has become increasingly difficult and confusing. Parents are often at a loss for the “right” answers and the steps to take in order to work through their child’s problems. Dr. Michele Borba has written a new book, The Big Book of Parenting Solutions, a comprehensive resource book that provides advice and answers on children’s behavior and stages of development.

Her new book, The Big Book of Parenting Solutions, has real-life problems of today facing children and parents and provides real-life solutions. Her book is not just a “quick fix” to problem childhood behavior, rather her book provides answers that effect a lasting change in a child’s attitudes and behaviors. The solutions provided in her book are based on years of research and is geared for children ages 3 through 13 years of age. The book is set up like a cookbook with step-by-step advice and solutions are provided based on the child’s age or stage of development. Solutions to a particular behavioral problem will be different for a 3-year-old child and those of a 13-year-old child.

The problems covered in her book range from issues of adoption, defiant behaviors, cyberbullying, anger, grief, talking back, anxiety, selfishness, to television addiction and video game use. Her new book is a “must read” for parents looking for practical solutions to the challenges that parents face today with their children. There are no “quick fixes” to problems, because when a “quick fix” approach is used, the child eventually reverts to their old pattern of behavior. The goal of her book is to teach lasting change in order to help parents PARENT their children.