New Book by Trudy Ludwig Shows Girls That Perfectionism Has Its Price

by | May 20, 2009 | Uncategorized

That old term “perfectionism” has popped up in the news lately. Here are just a brief review of the troubling headlines every parent should know and why we should be concerned:


  • In a study of 1,300 women, 50 percent of those with eating disorders described themselves as having been “obsessive perfectionists” as early as age eight.” (Inskeep & Neighmond, 2004).


  • A recent Harvard Mental Health letter warned that perfectionism is linked with anxiety, depression, eating disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorders.


  • A recent survey cited that girls as young as five years old aspired to be thinner (Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters, 2007)

Well, FINALLY a children’s book that tackles head-on the growing problem of perfectionism in kids who feel that their best is never good enough. It’s called, Too Perfect! and it’s written by one of my favorite children’s author, Trudy Ludwig. She also wrote My Secret Bully, Just Kidding, Sorry!, and Trouble Talk®.)  Too Perfect! shows girls that perfectionism has its price and tackles head-on the growing problem in kids who feel that their best is never good enough. 

Trudy sheds light on the unhealthy pressure kids (and grownups!) put on themselves to look and act perfect. Best yet, she offers practical solutions to help young readers be more accepting of themselves and others. I can’t recommend it enough!

 I hope you have a chance to pass this wonderful book along to your daughter. What a tremendous relief it will be when our kids finally realize they don’t have to be their best; they just have to try their best. 

 Too Perfect! has just the right message to help you have those important talks with your child. It’s a message today’s girls can’t hear enough!