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Michele Borba

Note to Reader: I’ve had many review of The Big Book of Parenting Solutions but this one by SFC Blog: Families Matter has to be one of my favorites. I designed the book to be a complete parenting reference. Because it is almost the size of a phonebook and is so comprehensive, it’s difficult to explain to a reader not only the contents but the format. But I think this review does it. Thank you, Families Matters – not only for a great review but for the wonderful site you offer families.  


Friday, November 20, 2009, Posted by Sandie Lee

“You’ve come a long way, baby….”

This may seem like a tired, old cliche, but it definitely holds true, especially in the realm of parenting. Parents today have to deal with many more obstacles than the parents of yesteryear; from sex, drugs, and violence in our schools and on TV to a whole new realm of cyber-bullying and internet predators. Not to mention that with the tough economic times we’re in, parents are working more and having to depend on the help of family, friends, or neighbours to help out with their kids.

Well, don’t despair. Help is here. No I’m not personally going to come over and clear your house or entertain your little ones, but I can recommend this one-stop-shop, Big Book of Parenting Solutions by Michele Borba Ed.D.

This book is like having a psychologist at your fingertips. “It’s based on cases of children and their families with whom I have worked with over the last years or gathered from my observations,” writes Borba, (Notes to Reader).

The Big Book of Parenting Solutions starts out by giving the reader an overview of the “Seven Deadly Parenting Styles.” Take time to read this section and identify the category you most likely fall into, this will help in your “Parenting for Change.”

That’s not all. The book covers ever problem, worry, and situation, you could possibly think of. Plus, it’s broken into nine section for easy reference, with sub-categories in each.

   Part I: Family

   Part 2: Behavior

   Part 3: Character

   Part 4: Emotions

   Part 5: Social Scene

   Part 6: School

   Part 7: Special Needs

   Part 8: Day to Day

   Part 9: Electronics


After you’ve pinpointed the section you need, you can then read about The Problem: Red Flag, The Change to Parent For, Why Change?, and The Solution. If that’s not enough, each sub-category also has added advice in sidebars with, More Helpful Advice, Late-Breaking News, One Parent’s Answer and Pay Attention to This. 

The Big Book of Parenting Solutions has over 626 pages of solid, practical advice and solutions for all your parenting needs. This would make an excellent gift for anyone just starting a family or in the very midst of raising their own kids. 

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