XO Laptop On Display At MoMA! #olpc

by | Mar 18, 2012 | Uncategorized

While in New York last week I was sure to get my hot ticket to the Museum of Modern Art. I had to see for myself the one exhibit that was priceless. No, I wasn’t there to see the works of Picasso, Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo or even Diego Rivera (which are all on the fifth floor). I headed instead straight to the third floor to see the real masterpiece: the XO computer. It is now on permanent display in MoMA. Imagine that!

We always knew the XO computer was changing kids’ lives. I’ve seen first hand the educational, emotional, and social benefits of the One Laptop Per Child project in Rwanda, Nicaragua and Liberty City. I’ve interviewed countless teachers, parents, and children-who all confirmed what a difference the laptop was making. I’ve visited dozens of schools and watched children do their lessons on the XO and become engaged and excited about learning. I’m convinced OLPC is one of the most promising educational projects for children-especially those living in third world countries. So it was quite a thrill to see the green and white computer on display at MoMA.

For those of you affiliated with OLPC and the XO, bravo! You designed a $185 laptop for children based on how they learn best. You made it durable enough to withstand extreme temperatures and be kid-proof. You filled it with the best software invested so kids could teach themselves. You made it kid-inviting. You designed it for instant connectivity. And you created it to give children the opportunity for an education and a hopeful future.

Yes, the XO laptop is a masterpiece! And now it’s official – the XO is also a work of art.