Are you an overwhelmed mom? Want help from Dr. Drew and me? Here’s how…

by | Aug 11, 2011 | Upcoming Media and Speaking Appearances

I’m excited to announce I’ll be appearing on Dr. Drew’s upcoming new show, Lifechangers as the Family Lifechanger. I can’t wait!

Dr. Drew’s show premiers September 19 at 3 p.m. on CW.

Here’s how you can be involved and even appear on the show…

Are you an overwhelmed mom?

I know, we all feel overwhelmed, but what about so overwhelmed that you no longer are happy being a mom – or worried that your feelings may affect your child?

For instance…

Do you love your kids but secretly regret having them?

Have you turned into “momzilla” because your patience has run out?

Do people tell you that your way of discipline is inappropriate?

Are you scared that one day you might snap?

Would you rather be out with the girls than at home with your kids?

If so, here is a chance to tell your story and get help you and your family deserve.

Click the link below:

It will take you to the producers of  Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers upcoming show. They will read those entries, and then select moms to appear on the daily TV talk show with Dr. Drew, tell their story and learn tips that will change their lives. You’ll learn simple, practical tips to help you turn your life around.

I’ll be his Family “Lifechanger” to help moms reduce those stress loads and put the joy back into mothering.

I can’t wait! Hope you tune in.